en-tel-li-genceentrepreneurial intelligence, analysis and strategy

Through Entelligence Ltd, I help organisations to keep track and respond to policy activity, form strategic partnerships, and design high-impact initiatives in the enterprise/entrepreneurship space.


  • Entelligence – ongoing entrepreneurial intelligence covering announcements, reports and other developments from government, parliament, think tanks, press and other stakeholders in your community. Keeping you abreast what’s happening and what’s coming up in the entrepreneurship space.
  • Analysis & strategy – advice on how to align with government initiatives, current affairs and emerging trends to expand your activities, build new partnerships and launch new initiatives.
  • Campaign and project design – conception, design and launch of new campaigns, projects and large-scale initiatives – from one-off events, research projects and media campaigns to international business plan competitions and new business units.
  • Bid writing – responding to government ITTs, writing prospective grant proposals to the government or private sector, and writing fundraising documents.
  • Strategic partnershipsengaging individuals across the public, private and third sectors to build strategic partnerships to help your organisation expand its impact and launch new joint initiatives.
  • Government & parliamentary affairs – engaging individuals in government and parliament to conduct advocacy campaigns, engage in the policy process and represent the interests of your organisation.

Past clients include:

  • MyKindaCrowd
  • e skills UK
  • Aha Design
  • Enternships
  • YouNoodle

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To discuss how your organisation could make use of Entelligence, please contact me.

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